⛳ Inside The Ryder Cup: Cheeseheads. Autographs. Brooks & Bryson?

Team Europe has won four of the past five Ryder Cups. What can we expect from this year's event?

Lace Up for Week 3 of Football!

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Raiders Kicker Sunk His Own Fantasy Team With Big Game

Daniel Carlson big day against the Steelers was good for Oakland but bad for him.
Sports Illustrated
Daniel Carlson Sinks Own Fantasy Team With Dominant Performance
The Raiders kicker's brilliant showing on Sunday came with a bittersweet twist.
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Tom Brady's NFL Career Was Born 20 Years Ago Today
Watch how his career got started and his first NFL drive ever.
Portland State Coach Offers Free Beer for Fans, Pays $14,000 Tab
Portland State football coach Bruce Barnum fronted the entire $14,448 bill after promising to buy fans beer during Saturday's game against Western Oregon.
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