📈 All Sam Darnold needed was a little help

Panthers quarterback is showing what he can do with good coaching and talent around him.

Belichick Has Dominated His Old QBs. Will Brady Be Different?

And, the vaccine isn't really a personal choice for NBA players.
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GamePlan: Bill Belichick's History Vs. His Former QBs
Other QBs have not fared well in reunion games against their legendary coach. Here's a look at the chess match Tom Brady faces.
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No, the Vaccine Isn't Really a Personal Choice for NBA Players
We've seen instances of Irving's concerns being on the money before. Which is why this most recent story, relating to his vaccine hesitancy, is so frustrating.
Justin Tucker Will Rock You (Or Sing You a Sweet Aria)
How the Ravens' opera-singing, record-setting kicker calls on both his standout talents.
A Predatory Culture, a Viral Reckoning—and Now What?
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